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10 Bukit Chermin Road
Keppel Club Driving Range
Singapore 109918

About Us

About Us

At Golf Line School, located on Keppel Club with a full scale 18-holes golf course and training facilities, we aims to broaden the athletic and emotional aspect of the sport, through putting together personalized training sessions where learners can become skilled to play golf in a better form.

Golf Line School’s team possesses rich experiences and the ability as a golf instructional hub that acts as a communicative connecting line between our teaching professionals and learners. With enriching learning methodologies and experiences, Golf Line School imparts golf relevant techniques and knowledge that embed both athletic and emotional values of the sport, which in return enhances learner’s golf performance.

Whether you are interested to pick up golf leisurely or aspire to be a single handicapper excelling in golf competitions, you can count on us to support you in realizing your dreams now!

All trainings are conducted at 2nd level of Keppel Club’s driving range and the 18-hole golf course, with facilities such as:

  • Driving Range
  • Chipping, Pitching and Putting practice greens
  • Sand Bunker practice area
  • 18-hole Golf Course

Mission Statement

To be the connecting line that imparts quality knowledge and techniques of golf in the most interactive and supportive manner, Golf Line School integrates the true essences of golf with superior training that develops progression into life-long achievements.


Why Choose Us

Golf programmes with curriculum customized to suit learner’s needs and learning abilities
Programmes will be customized through a consultation with our trained customer service crew
Private specialized training or private groups based on time availability and desired goals
Structured trainings that leads to progress to higher skill levels of golf capabilities